Where did oilskin come from?

Pretty thorough research (a couple of minutes of Googling) would lead us to the conclusion that we have Edward Le Roy to thank for oilskins. Being a prudent (and maybe environmentally conscious?) sailor in the 1800's, he decided to re-use an old canvas sail slapped with linseed oil and wax to build the ultimate waterproof jacket.

By the 1830's Edward had started a revolution and oilskin had become an essential wet weather gear for all the outdoor workers.

But what is oilskin?!

Contrary to a common misconception oilskin is not a skin at all! 

Our oilskin is a high quality long stapled Cotton that is treated with oils and waxes to make it waterproof and give it that distinctive colour and smell!

Why would I need a Mountain Mac Oilskin?

It's probably more of a question of why wouldn't you! But we'll list some top reasons:


Mountain Mac's oilskin fabric is produced by an Australian Manufacturer (one of only two companies in the world that produce the legitimate fabric). So you are guaranteed to receive an oilskin that is as high in quality as any other oilskin on the market. This fabric is shipped to our manufacturer based in Fiji where it is possible to monitor the excellent garment construction easily to ensure the very best product is reaching our customers. You maybe wondering how a beautiful pacific island can produce jackets for the harshest weather conditions - let me assure you...it still rains a lot!


Our primary focus is producing a durable garment. Mountain Mac oilskin is 12oz oilskin fabric. Hardy, rugged and backed by our two year fabric guarantee. This is not imitation oilskin, this is the real deal! 

Technical specs:

Mass - 404 gsm 

Warp Threads per inch - 74

Weft Threads per inch - 56


Mountain Mac oilskin is 100% waterproof. The fabric Hydrostatic Pressure (Water Head) test is 1000mm minimum - to be technical about it. 

So we are succeeding in our mission of keeping folks warmer and drier outdoors! It's as simple as that.

It also retains its waterproof status when embroidered as the oil/waxes permeate the thread! Perfect for your companies branding.

After prolonged wear and tear the oils/waxes may dry out, but the good news is oilskin is able to be reproofed! (from the comfort of your own home) with our reproofing cream


Work hard building up a sweat? Being a high quality long stapled cotton our oilskins are nice and breathable.



Mountain Mac oilskin can be sewn, altered and repaired - unlike the majority of other synthetic material based coats. We have a tailor available so just email through any requests!

Less Rustle

This may sound meaningless but if you stalk birds or bears (or anything in-between) for hunting, photography, research, or rescue you need to be as quiet as possible. Synthetic cloth rustles so loud it's like a siren for our better sensed friends. So make sure its an oilskin!


Mountain Mac is able to sell our garments at the best possible price as we don't sell through the big retailers. The oilskin can be bought directly from us online. No middleman. Just lots of money saved.

Last but not least!


You want to look ruggedly handsome right? From farmers through to motorcyclists through to people who want an authentic country look but most of all want to stay dry and warm - Mountain Mac oilskin is where fashion and function meet...and have a couple of beers.

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What about our environment Mountain Mac?

 At Mountain Mac we love the outdoors, most of our livelihoods depend on it, and we want to keep it that way!

10.5 Million tons of clothing end up at the landfill every year in America alone.

That's why we believe in selling a garment that's going to wear for an extremely long time. Quite often oilskins are passed down through generations and we love that!

The cotton and mineral/waxes that make up oilskin are also natural products - nothing synthetic or plastic about this jacket!

Also Oilskin is a fabric that can be repaired and reproofed, so you'll have your Mountain Mac oilskin for a lifetime!


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